Have you ever let fear hold you back from doing something important?

Me too.

I was terrified to call myself an energy healer. I did not want to let people know that I did energy healing for love relationships.

I thought people would think it was too “woo woo”.

And then I had an experience that changed everything for me.

I went to a weekend long training for healers and learned how to actually use energy healing.

I saw auras for the first time.

I did intuitive readings that were 100%, spot-on, creep-you-out-a-little-bit, accurate.

And for the first time, I did healings that didn’t take anything out of me energetically.

So, you know, your typical average weekend. 🙂

When I came home and started processing all of this with myself and my beyond reasonably open-minded, patient husband, I realized I needed to use these things in my coaching to help people in a bigger way, but I was really scared.

I was afraid everything I was learning would make me a weirdo and my husband would leave me for some lady that doesn’t see auras or talk about accessing the higher self or heal people’s Love blocks via Skype.

I was worried that people would think I was trying to be special.

I was scared of being more visible and that maybe people would judge me.

But then I realized that those aren’t the people I’m here for. 

I’m not here to diminish myself to stay safe from the judgers and criticizers (and neither are you). It doesn’t work anyway. Haters gonna hate.  (tweet this!)

I’m here for the exact opposite of hate. I’m here to help people see through the blind spots and lies that keep them from being blissfully, gorgeously, deeply in Love.

If that’s you, connect with me for a Love Coaching & Energy Healing session.

And if there is something that you are afraid to do, some part of yourself that you are afraid of bringing in to the light – breathe deep.

And jump in.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Is there a part of yourself that you are downplaying to avoid being criticized? Are you playing small to avoid the haters? Let me know in the comments below.


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