If you are an artist, hippie, healer, coach, professional dreamer or other aspiring world-changer and you want to start an online business, I want you to check out Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz and Life Academy, because it is AMAZING.

She’s got so much solid information in there about Marketing, Creating Your Sacred Sales Funnel, demystifying SEO so you can get to #1 on Google, figuring out what products to create and how to sell your services, how to price your services and just tons of other good stuff. There’s a course in there about how to double your business income, how to get the word out via social media and just so much stuff in there that you just need to look at it and experience it’s awesomeness for yourself (so go here to do that now).

She also has a whole side of the Academy that helps you build a beautiful home, get healthy, connect with your inner wisdom through your dreams, manifest money and a ton of other great stuff to balance out the Shining Life side.

I cannot say enough good things about this academy. Every section of it that I’ve done so far has been brilliant with actionable steps that showed me changes right away in my business. I increased my Twitter following by 300 people in the first week after using her suggestions. And that was just a week into the Academy. I love it so much that I’ve become an affiliate, because I want to make sure as many people know about this resource as possible.

So stop reading this and check it out now.

The other thing – and this is a big one – is that it is SO AFFORDABLE compared to the ton of information you get in this Academy. It’s around $500 for access to everything for a year. You can download the info and work your way through it. There’s a community that you can be part of for help and support. You can even join mastermind groups for separate courses inside of the Academy so that you can get help with the biggest steps as you are working through it.

And mostly, this Academy is offered with so much LOVE that you can feel it. You can feel the Love that went into creating each course. You can feel the Love with which the Academy is offered.

Please don’t take my word for it. If you need solid, loving guidance in building a beautiful business that sustains you financially, please go there now and see for yourself.

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