To manifest a good man that treats you with kindness, gentleness and patience, you first need to demonstrate to the Universe that you believe you are worthy of that treatment. You need to be kind, gentle and patient to yourself first.

When you are kind and gentle with yourself, you treat yourself the way you would treat a small child that you loved.

And when you are patient with yourself, you give yourself the chance to make mistakes while you are learning new things. If you struggle with perfectionism and you are afraid to make a move unless you know you won’t fail, it will be hard for you to learn anything new.

You have permission to make mistakes, Love. 

You have permission to take two steps back while you are learning something.

You can love yourself exactly as you are right now AND still want to make positive changes for the future.

You are always teaching other people how to treat you – even when you don’t think you are. Treat yourself with the kindness, patience and gentleness you DESERVE and you will attract a partner who treats you that way.

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