Love Tips Series #3: Bring Your Good Love Chemistry Back - Carisa Montooth, Love Coach

Love Tips Series #3: Bring Your Good Love Chemistry Back

“There were real reasons that you were attracted to somebody originally. The brain doesn’t pick willy-nilly. Unless you part ways hating each other for some reason, that mechanism could get triggered again. You can literally fall in love again.”

— Helen Fisher

Chemistry is the thrill and excitement at the beginning of a relationship.

It’s your heart thumping in your chest because you can’t wait to see that person. It’s anticipation and the chase and feeling all tingly and wonderful…but it isn’t enough by itself.

You don’t control chemistry and in the day to day of a real relationship, other things come to the forefront.

You’re picking up each other’s dirty socks and hearing each other snore and all of that kind of stuff.

Sorry, Sweatheart! That’s the truth.

So if the chemistry in your relationship ebbs and flows, how do you bring it back?

In this episode of the Love Tips Series, we’ll talk about how you get your good chemistry back.


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