Love Tips Series #5: Getting Your Partner to Support Your Business - Carisa Montooth, Love Coach

Love Tips Series #5: Getting Your Partner to Support Your Business

I hear the same things over and over again from different female entrepreneurs who are working hard on launching their dream businesses.

“My husband doesn’t really support my business. He thinks of it like it’s just a hobby.”

“My partner said he would take care of the kids today so I could work on my business, but when the time came, he had a million excuses about why he couldn’t help me.”

“My boyfriend keeps asking me why I don’t go get a ‘real job’ with a steady paycheck.”

I can hear the pain and sadness in their voices. Sometimes there is some anger in there too. Other times they just sound weary, like they’ve tried everything, heard it all before and have no hope whatsoever that anything can change their situation.

The stories they share have different details, but there is a common, painful theme underneath.

The thing they are really asking is:

“How do I get my partner to support my dream?”

Here are three things you can do to get your Honey’s support for your business.


So now I’d like to hear from you. How do you get YOUR partner’s support for your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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