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Love Life Balance with Attorney, Tamsen Horton


Tamsen Horton, founder of Vuja De Law, is not your average attorney.

Not only does she specialize in working with start-up entrepreneurs, but her very favorite group of entrepreneurs to work with just happens to be mamas launching businesses.

She’s all about helping you protect your business + protect your family.

One of the things that makes Tamsen so uniquely awesome is that she’s totally comfortable with the woo woo, so she’s got a rare combination of lawyer-smarts and spirituality that makes her the perfect person to share your heart-felt business concerns with and steer you in the right direction legally.

The clarity and relief I felt after my first conversation last year with Tamsen – just one conversation – was priceless! I know that you will LOVE her. Check out our chat to see why.

You can reach Tamsen at her website and on Facebook.

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