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Bad Relationship Advice

Crappy relationship advice is everywhere.

Everyone wants to tell you to break up with somebody, kick him “to the curb” (a la 1990’s), light his belongings on fire, throw his stuff out the window.


They will tell you that you are not valuing yourself if you stay in your relationship.

They will tell you that you believe you aren’t really worthy of good love, so you are settling.

They will say that you need to let the other person go immediately or you will never have good love in your life.

I say, don’t be too hasty.

Sometimes, people are just telling you THEIR stuff. They are telling you to do the stuff in YOUR relationship that they wish they had done in THEIR relationship. They want to get a vicarious pleasure out of seeing you live out their break up fantasies.

Other times, the person you are confiding in has only ever heard the BAD things about your relationship from you. Maybe you are in the habit of complaining about your relationship to this person and now they’ve started thinking it’s ALL bad, because that’s ALL you talk to them about.

In both of those cases, you are gonna get bad relationship advice from these people.

They do not have the complete picture.

They think they are helping you, but they aren’t.

The problem is that these two types of people – the vicarious break-up fantasizers and the people you complain to – LOOOOOOVE to give you break up advice. LOVE IT.

The truth is, you KNOW whether you need to break up with your partner or not. If you need to break up and you aren’t doing it, chances are it isn’t because you don’t know how bad your relationship is.

It’s probably because you’re trying to figure out if this is just a rough patch or if it’s an indicator of the true nature of your relationship. But even so, no one can tell you that but you. So no one else can give you any advice about that.

So stop talking with these people about your relationship. They can’t help.

Only YOU can know what you are getting out of your relationship.

Only YOU can know what another person means to you.

You are the only one who is qualified to decide to stay or go.


So, I’d love to hear from you. What awful love advice have you received? Let me know in the comments!

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