I usually don’t write too much about sex, being a rather introverted, private lady, but this topic comes up so much with clients, other women entrepreneurs and in conversations with friends that I wanted to talk about it here.

Ladies, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. And by elephant I mean the weird sex catch 22 to being an entrepreneur.

There are many glorious things about being an entrepreneur, but the long hours, hard work and stressing out about being the place where the buck officially stops – definitely take their toll on your sex life.

If you’re an entrepreneur in a relationship, you’re busy juggling all the various balls in the air in your business (pun attended), which means you are frankly, exhausted.

Sex sounds good, but you could probably really use a nap first.

Or if you’re an entrepreneur who is NOT in a relationship, you are so busy pouring your heart and soul into your business that you believe you don’t have TIME to date.

Either way, you’re probably not having much sex.

You’ve fallen into the “as soon as” trap.

As soon as I launch this product, as soon as my business gets some traction, as soon as I find someone to date – THEN I will have sex.

The thing is, not having sex turns into MORE not having sex and then MORE not having sex until that dry spell becomes a virtual sex desert…with no oasis in sight for miles.

We get into the habit of not having sex and complaining that we aren’t having sex. We don’t notice that we’re stuck in a rut of our own making. We just keep complaining about being stuck in it.

Here’s what to DO ABOUT IT.


I’d love to hear from you! Have you fallen for the “as soon as” trap? Let me know in the comments below. 

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