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Danger Ahead! 6 Red Lights and Warning Signs in Dating

Recently a lovely client asked me, “When I’m on a first date, how can I know that he and I really want the same things? People say things all the time, but how can I know he really means what he says? How can I know the green lights from the red lights?”

Great question.

Here’s what I told her:

First, know that dating is not a relationship. It’s just a date. On a first date, you probably won’t learn everything you’d like to know about this other person and they won’t learn everything they’d like to know about you.

Second, go in with an open mind. Don’t assume you are being lied to. If you believe you are always going to be lied to when you are dating, it means there are some deeper blocks about love that we need to work on healing. Get the help of an energy healer like myself to help you remove those deeper blocks to love so they can stop sabotaging your Love Life.

Third, if you DO see the red lights, believe them.

Here are some common ones. If you see these, run the other way!

  • If he talks really negatively about his mother
  • If he talks really negatively about his ex, especially if he and his ex have children together
  • If he is nasty or rude to service people
  • If he speaks negatively about marriage (and you want to get married someday
  • If he’s late more than once (when you first start dating)
  • If he doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do

And the biggest thing – once you’ve healed your love blocks, trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right to you, you don’t need anybody’s permission to stop dating him. Just stop. Trust your gut.

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