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Is My Love List Too Long to Work?


Is my Love List too unrealistic to work? If you've ever written a love list, you might have wondered if you were doing it right. What if your Love List is too long? What if it isn't long enough? You may wonder if you are asking for too much...or not asking for enough. In this [...]

Can You Manifest Love If You Have Negative Thoughts?


When you're using the Law of Attraction to manifest love, you may hear a lot about how you need to focus on positive thoughts because "what you focus on, you increase."We're told that we need to stay high vibe and not give attention to negative feelings or experiences. Because of this pressure to be relentlessly positive [...]

New Moon Ritual to Attract Love


Today we’re talking about how to attract love with a new moon ritual. Why do we do this healing work in connection with a phase of the moon? The moon represents powerful feminine energy, so it’s a potent symbol for our connection to that part of ourselves. Why do we do it during a new [...]

Lost Your Faith In True Love?


Do you feel like you have lost your faith in love? So many times, a client will come to me in deep grief and pain and share with me that she thinks she might have given up on the idea of ever finding real love. I can feel the heaviness, sorrow and numbness in her [...]

The 3 Reasons Your Ex Comes Back When You’ve Moved On


You finally get your love life sorted, start dating someone wonderful and BOOM! Here he comes out of the woodwork...the dreaded ex. All of the sudden you're like, “What the heck? Are you for real right now? When I finally get my love life together, here you come?” So, now after having worked so hard [...]