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Want to cast a love spell on your crush?


The practice of casting a love spell on a crush has been around for centuries. There are countless videos claiming to teach you a love spell that will help you dazzle a lover...even if up until now that person doesn't know that you exist. You know what the truth is? The truth is that a [...]

It Is Not Weakness to Want a Partner


When you share with people that you are manifesting love, there will be some who tell you that an independent woman who loves herself doesn't "need a man". While it's true that you don't NEED a partner, there is nothing in the world wrong with WANTING one. Wanting a partner doesn't make you less independent. Wanting [...]

Online Dating: Tough Love Advice for Soft-Hearted Women


Does dating suck for you? Click here to download your free e-book, the Heartache Cure™ so you can begin healing old energetic patterns and become magnetic to new love. IMPORTANT: This video is only for women who are serious about getting OUT of the dating world and INTO a healthy, committed relationship with a provider-type [...]

Shimmer Session – June 2017


Use the muscle testing procedure to find out if you have any of these blocks. June 2017 Fear of “That can happen for other people but it can’t happen for me” or “It’s easy for other people and it’s harder for me” or “There is a type of woman who is easy to love - [...]

Become Magnetic To The Right Type Of Man with Lorna Poole


Lorna Poole and Carisa Montooth discuss the differences between chasing men and attracting men. You might think you are not chasing men but when Carisa explains what chasing men looks like you might find yourself a little guilty. Carisa shares how to shift your energy from chasing a man to becoming magnetic to the right type [...]

Single While Entrepreneuring with Amber Aziza


Hosts Amber & Harold, interview Carisa Montooth on attracting who you are instead of what you want. From the energy you give off to the difference in the way men and women think while dating, Carisa is giving solid advice and actionable steps to help shed off a layer of your entrepreneurial skin and [...]