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Lost Your Faith In True Love?


Do you feel like you have lost your faith in love? So many times, a client will come to me in deep grief and pain and share with me that she thinks she might have given up on the idea of ever finding real love. I can feel the heaviness, sorrow and numbness in her [...]

The 3 Reasons Your Ex Comes Back When You’ve Moved On


You finally get your love life sorted, start dating someone wonderful and BOOM! Here he comes out of the woodwork...the dreaded ex. All of the sudden you're like, “What the heck? Are you for real right now? When I finally get my love life together, here you come?” So, now after having worked so hard [...]

I Hate Online Dating, Is My Love Life Doomed?


If you hate online dating with the fire of a thousand suns, but you're worried about missing out on your happily ever after... This video is for you! In today's video, I'll show you why you DON'T need to date online to attract your right person and I'll share the secret of what to do [...]

Want to cast a love spell on your crush?


The practice of casting a love spell on a crush has been around for centuries. There are countless videos claiming to teach you a love spell that will help you dazzle a lover...even if up until now that person doesn't know that you exist. You know what the truth is? The truth is that a [...]

It Is Not Weakness to Want a Partner


When you share with people that you are manifesting love, there will be some who tell you that an independent woman who loves herself doesn't "need a man". While it's true that you don't NEED a partner, there is nothing in the world wrong with WANTING one. Wanting a partner doesn't make you less independent. Wanting [...]

Online Dating: Tough Love Advice for Soft-Hearted Women


Does dating suck for you? Click here to download your free e-book, the Heartache Cure™ so you can begin healing old energetic patterns and become magnetic to new love. IMPORTANT: This video is only for women who are serious about getting OUT of the dating world and INTO a healthy, committed relationship with a provider-type [...]