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The Tao of Dating: An Honest Review!


You're a high-vibe, successful single woman. (Kudos, by the way.) You want to date in a way that feels good for you and doesn't feel phony. You don't want to wear out your thumb swiping through dating apps and you don't want to chase. You believe in the Law of Attraction but you want some [...]

Why Do I Attract Broken Guys?


Do you seem to attract partners who are broken, cheaters, narcissists, or other emotionally unavailable guys? Let's crack that healing code so that you can break the cycle and start attracting emotionally healthy, commitment-minded men.

Female Empaths and Relationships


If you're a female empath, you know that relationships are challenging. In fact, there are 3 huge challenges that female empaths face in love. Overcome these and you'll have a healthy, happy, satisfying relationship with someone who appreciates you. You'll spend your happily ever after pouring your love into someone who appreciates you (and showers you with the [...]

Why Your Love Affirmations Didn’t Work


You've tried to be really positive about healing your love life and you've been doing your love affirmations, but you aren't hearing anything but crickets. Why aren't your love affirmations working? Watch this to discover: The 3 reasons your love affirmations didn't work How to hack your subconscious to make your love affirmations more effective [...]

EFT Tapping for Attracting Love


In this video, we talk about using EFT tapping for attracting love. EFT (aka "tapping") is a scientifically proven energy healing technique that lets you clear out old beliefs that are keeping you stuck. It is easy to use, works quickly and absolutely safe (even for a newbie!).Use it today to clear out these beliefs (and [...]

How to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Love


You know that you can use rose quartz to attract love, but did you ever wonder how? In this video, I’m going to show you 4 easy ways you can use rose quartz crystals to manifest love. If you want to clear out your love blocks in your sleep, check out the Attract My Soulmate [...]

Is My Love List Too Long to Work?


Is my Love List too unrealistic to work? If you've ever written a love list, you might have wondered if you were doing it right. What if your Love List is too long? What if it isn't long enough? You may wonder if you are asking for too much...or not asking for enough. In this [...]

Can You Manifest Love If You Have Negative Thoughts?


When you're using the Law of Attraction to manifest love, you may hear a lot about how you need to focus on positive thoughts because "what you focus on, you increase."We're told that we need to stay high vibe and not give attention to negative feelings or experiences. Because of this pressure to be relentlessly positive [...]