When you’re using the Law of Attraction to manifest love, you may hear a lot about how you need to focus on positive thoughts because “what you focus on, you increase.”

We’re told that we need to stay high vibe and not give attention to negative feelings or experiences. 

Because of this pressure to be relentlessly positive or risk cancelling out our manifesting efforts, you may wonder if you messed up your manifesting if you: 

– Got into an argument with a family member

– Had a crappy day at work and snapped at a colleague

– Cyber stalked an ex on Instagram in a moment of Merlot-fueled weakness

– Temporarily felt overwhelmed and “infected” by someone else’s negative thoughts weighing you down and bumming you out

Even though you are doing everything else “right”, you (lovely, super-conscientious, hyper aware, you) may be worried that you’ve somehow accidentally cancelled out your soulmate manifestation because you couldn’t stay “high-vibe” 100% of the day. 

In this video, you’ll take the pressure off of yourself to be positive all of the time and be assured that YOU ARE STILL MANIFESTING YOUR SOULMATE, even if you happen to be a normal human woman who sometimes gets jealous, acts petty or feels a full range of emotions…not all of which are particularly “love and light”-ish. 🙂

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See you on the inside.