In this video, we’re talking about Feminine Energy, Love and Wanting to be “The Girl” in the Relationship.

Now these are the exact words that my clients use, so I share them here, but I think we can safely and respectfully assume that by “being the girl” they mean “wanting to feel balanced and powerful in my feminine energy in my relationships with men in ways that I don’t get to in my work life”.

So essentially we’re talking about balance between feminine energy and masculine energy.

We’re talking about how you can go from being the one making decisions all day at work to the one who gets to be taken care of emotionally at home.

If this idea appeals to you than you are probably a woman who:

  • Is doing great career-wise
  • Is doing great financially
  • Is in a high-stress line of work that requires you to make tons of important decisions all day long
  • Travels with girlfriends but in your heart you want to travel with your soulmate

Strong women like us are used to working in a masculine energy because our careers and our lifestyles demand it.

Because when you are in your masculine energy most of the time, you’ll attract a man who is in his feminine energy most of the time – feminine energy is about receiving.

So when we are ready go home from work and sit on the couch and be taken care of after a long day – the men we’ve attracted have beat us to the couch and are already waiting there to receive and be taken care of.

They want us to make decisions (again) about dinner.

They want to be stroked and petted and encouraged.

And while you know give and take is necessary in a relationship, you’re finding yourself working your ass off and then doing it again when you come home.

This video talks about the invisible cycle that keeps landing you in that situation and how to heal it so you can attract a partner who is comfortable in his masculine energy so you can relax into your feminine energy in the relationship.