In this video, we’re talking about releasing your ex from your energy with a full moon ritual.

Why do we do this healing work in connection with a phase of the moon?

The moon represents powerful feminine energy, so it’s a potent symbol for our connection to that part of ourselves.

Why do we do it during a full moon?

The full moon is a good time to do releasing work in energy, because as the full moon begins to wane (decrease) it symbolizes the decrease and waning of whatever you are releasing and it’s hold over you. The best time to do this in connection with the full moon is the time period from 3 days before until 3 days after the full moon – anytime during that is fine.

But am I “authorized” to do this kind of thing for myself or should I go have someone do it for me?

You are the healer of your life. Your own wisdom is sovereign. You don’t need permission or authority from someone else in order to heal your life. I’m sharing a really easy ritual and explaining what each step is for, so you can start simply.

I’ve heard of something like this, but it was different than how you do it. Which one is right?

That’s like asking which recipe for chicken soup is right. Each of these items has a vibration that is aligned with release, cleansing or protection. Combine them in a different way if you like or introduce other items that you’ve researched that are personally significant for you. Take this as a base recipe and add your own flavor and style.


If you want to make changes in your life, you need to work in energy AND objective reality. Burn your candle, do your ritual, but also, block that dude on your phone, stop stalking him on IG & FB and give some time and attention to the other areas of your life (health, wealth and using your gifts in the world) so you can create the life you deserve.


You take full responsibility for your well-being and results.

Let’s get started.