When you share with people that you are manifesting love, there will be some who tell you that an independent woman who loves herself doesn’t “need a man”.

While it’s true that you don’t NEED a partner, there is nothing in the world wrong with WANTING one.

Wanting a partner doesn’t make you less independent.

Wanting a healthy relationship doesn’t mean you don’t already love yourself.

Not only can you want a good partner and still be an independent, strong person, but you must align your words with your desires if you want to attract a satisfying relationship.

The Universe wants you to be crystal clear about the true desires of your heart; your clarity is manifesting fuel.

Your heart is calling out for your soulmate, because your soulmate is out there. And it’s OK for you to want him and to admit that you want him.


So, today in this video I’m inviting you to heal whatever keeps you from clearly, strongly voicing your desire for a healthy relationship with a good man.

And if you feel that there are things in your heart leftover from past disappointments…things that you are feeling called to heal…pick up your free copy of the e-book, the Heartache Cure now so that you can heal your heart and make room for the new love you are calling in.