Shimmer Session - June 2017 - Carisa Montooth, Love Coach

Shimmer Session – June 2017

Use the muscle testing procedure to find out if you have any of these blocks.

  • June 2017
    • Fear of “That can happen for other people but it can’t happen for me” or “It’s easy for other people and it’s harder for me” or “There is a type of woman who is easy to love – and that’s not me”
      • “I am special enough to attract especially good men”
        • 31:57 test
    • Fear that you are too damaged/Fear that you are being punished in love/Self blaming – “I am alone because of the mistakes I have made”
      • “I have some self forgiveness to do”
        • 46:25 test
        • Go into Meditation Mojo and download the “Deep Forgiveness” meditation
    • Fear that finding the love you want will take too long
      • 1:00:45 story about the man who felt behind
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