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IMPORTANT: This video is only for women who are serious about getting OUT of the dating world and INTO a healthy, committed relationship with a provider-type man.

So, can I share some HONEST, STRAIGHT-TALK with you about Online Dating?

What we cover in this video:

>> Who to get your online dating advice from and who not to take online dating advice from.

>> The biggest myth about online dating.

>> How to tell the difference between an online scammer and a provider-type man who is interested in an actual relationship

>> What he is HIDING if he wants to talk/email/text a lot with you but doesn’t make it a point to meet with you in person.

>> How to move a dating opportunity out of the virtual digital world and into REAL LIFE, without feeling like you are “chasing” or being too forward (e.g. the EXACT WORDS you can say to show that you are open to meeting in person without you actually have to ask HIM out).

>> What to share and what NOT to share as you get to know someone online.

If you are worried that you may have some old energetic patterns that need to heal so that you can stop attracting the wrong men online and become magnetic to the right man for you, CLICK HERE to download your free e-book, The Heartache Cure™.