“There are dating coaches. There are energy workers.


could wow you with my degrees in psychology and counseling. I could tell you about my advanced certifications in the most badass scientifically supported energy work on the planet, I could tell you how I come from a family of healers going back decades or I could simply tell you about what I do.”

I set the stage for you to get out of your own way and call in the most authentic, juicy, sexy, soulful, adoring, committed, loving, stand the test of time relationship. Because I believe you should never settle for less.



Private one-on-ones where we explore what you’re looking for, what’s standing in your way and create a master plan for calling in the love you dream of.



A sexy, juicy, energy infused 6 month exploration into the meaning of love, mastering your mojo and attracting the one. Sparks will fly!

Soul Love


An exclusive online salon for your journey to Love and Life mastery. Community, courses, couture and everything else you need to suit up for love.