Your Soulmate.

This wonderful guy who totally gets you and chooses you and wants to spend his life with you.

You know he’s out there. At least you HOPE he’s out there!

So why haven’t you met him yet?

Here are the top #3 reasons you haven’t met your Soulmate yet.

#1: You’re each doing the work you need to do in your lives to be ready for each other at the perfect time.

Sometimes the person that you are destined to be with is actually in a relationship with someone else right now. You don’t know the timing of their life and situation. There may be important things they are learning from a current relationship that they need to know for their relationship with you. They may be in the process of ending that situation and healing so that they can move on and be whole for their future relationship with you.

#2: You are so afraid of NOT meeting him that you are manifesting that fear, since that’s where your REAL focus is.

The thing about energy is that it goes where your focus is. If you want to attract your Soulmate and you’re thinking about how great it would be to be with him, that’s great. That speeds up his actual arrival in your life. But most of the time, if your Soulmate hasn’t shown up in your life yet, you aren’t thinking about how great it will be to be with him. You’re freaking out and terrified that he might NEVER show up. You’re frustrated and disappointed, dating guys that aren’t your Soulmate. So your focus is actually on the fear that he won’t show up. And that’s exactly the outcome that manifests – he doesn’t show up.

#3: You’re not ready yet.

Cold comfort, but true. You may have a lot of things you still need to forgive and release from your energy. You might not yet have learned how to take responsibility for what you create in your life. You might be asking for someone with qualities that you don’t have in yourself yet. You don’t need to be perfect to have Love, but there is a law of equal exchange of energy in the Universe. Be willing to forgive and release the past. Understand how you’ve created the situation you are in right now. Finally, take time to develop those same qualities you want to have in a partner and you’ll become magnetic to him.


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