Maybe you haven’t dated in a few months…or maybe even years.

Maybe you married young, it didn’t work out and you’ve been raising the kids ever since with ZERO time for yourself, let alone time to figure out how to get back into dating.

Maybe you never actually learned HOW to date.

No worries, Love! These 3 tips will help ease you into the dating world (or BACK into the dating world) with grace and confidence.

Tip #1 – Know WHAT you want.

Are you looking for a committed relationship? Do you want a friend to spend time with who likes the same hobbies you like? Do you want a booty call buddy? Whatever you want for yourself is TOTALLY FINE! You just need to know what it is so you’ll know how to get it.

Tip #2 – Know WHO you want.

Are you into athletic guys? Have you always been attracted to adventurous men? Does he need to share your spirituality? If you have an idea of who you want, you’ll know where to start looking for him.

Tip #3 – Go WHERE he is.

I’m not for chasing men – I don’t think you even NEED to do that. You just need to put yourself in his path and let your light shine. But you do need to know where his path is!

Whether you’re meeting men online or in person, you need to go where the right men are.

Here are a few suggestions:


  • Adventurous Men: Go to Sierra Club meetings, join a rock-climbing gym, take scuba diving classes
  • Artistic Men: Go to art openings, go to museum lectures, take an art class, go to fundraising events for the arts
  • Spiritual Men: Go to yoga retreats that are co-ed, go to personal development workshops and conferences


  • For Something Leading to Commitment: Try and e-Harmony. These dating sites have a good reputation for matching you up with men you would be compatible with. Don’t be so quick to use free dating apps – the investment in a reputable service brings a different quality of men into your dating life
  • For a Booty Call Buddy: Use OK Cupid or Tindr. These free dating apps were created to connect people who want a fling or a mostly physical relationship. Have fun and of course, be smart and be safe.

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