You want a rich partner.

Not because you are a gold digger.

You just want a rich, full, abundant life. You are done with struggling. You know that you can manifest whatever you want to have and you have decided not to settle.

You want love AND money.

But you know a little bit about the law of attraction. You know that “like attracts like” and right now your bank account, bills, and paycheck are telling you that you are NOT wealthy…at least not yet. 🙂

So you have to ask…

“How will I attract a wealthy partner if the law of attraction says that like attracts like? If I want to attract a wealthy partner, don’t I need to be wealthy also?”



  • Law of Attraction – we know that like attracts like (sort of), but we understand just enough about LOA to get ourselves into trouble. We all know that “like attracts like”, but the thing most people don’t get is a lesser known but still crucial part of the Law of Attraction, which states that “what you FOCUS on increases in your life”.
  • We want a lifestyle of abundance (who doesn’t), but we don’t want to be branded as gold diggers!

The answer is NO. You DO NOT need to be wealthy to attract a wealthy partner.

But you DO need to create a prosperity mindset!


Physical wealth (money you can hold in your hand) is the manifestation of an abundance mindset (beliefs that all of your needs are provided for).

You need to cultivate an abundance mindset and become a good steward of the money YOU DO HAVE, even if you haven’t manifested a 6 figure income and bulging bank account.

You need to create an abundance mindset so that you will be a match to someone with an abundance mindset (aka your rich partner).


  • Money responds to care, but it also responds to neglect. Pay attention to your money. Take care of it so it can take care of you.
  • No one is coming to save you. Even your partner isn’t coming into your life to save you, but to PARTNER with you. Time to save yourself and teach your daughters how to have something for themselves too.
  • You can’t have REAL LOVE if one of you is scared to leave the relationship because she’ll be homeless. For love to grow, you have to be able to CHOOSE each other and you aren’t able to choose freely if one person has all of the financial power in the relationship.
  • You need to heal your stuff around money so you can attract someone who has healed HIS stuff around money. 
  • Scarcity mindset is real. Heal it so that you can be abundant financially and in ALL areas.


First, become a good steward of your money in small ways and then build. If you keep it up over time it will become a habit and your income will increase every single year.

Recommended Books & Resources

And if you like a good online class with plenty of LOA and woo woo mixed in, check out Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp.

Second, be clear about what you want in LOVE apart from a wealthy lifestyle.

  • What other ways will your partner show you that he loves you besides spending money on you?
  • How do you want to FEEL in that relationship?
  • What are you willing to GIVE in the relationship? It’s easy to talk about all of the things you want, but what of yourself will you share with this person?
  • Are you willing to do the healing work that it takes to attract a healthy relationship?
    • Doing your money stewardship work
    • Cutting ties to exes
    • Healing your early (family of origin) wounds around love and money

A rich relationship isn’t just one where there is money flowing. It’s a relationship that is healthy and full of love and one where you are BOTH willing to give and receive.


Doing this work will create a permanent shift in energy that will make you magnetic to money AND love.

And if you need help releasing the past so that you can move forward into your rich, prosperous, loving future, pick up your free copy of the Heartache Cure and clear your ex out of your energy for good.