A sexy, juicy, energy-infused 5 month exploration into the meaning of love, mastering your mojo and attracting the one

Sparks will fly!

I believe in Big Love. The kind of weak in the knees seismic love that rocks your world, has your heart skipping a million beats and when you look in his eyes you know with every fiber of your being that you’re in the presence of forever.

I also believe that when you’re not energetically on your game you may get lots of “fly bys” but it’s hard to land the plane. You need some “energetic love traffic control” to bring ‘em in.

I like to call this energetic state of being High Vibe.

High Vibe is when who you are and what you want are energetically on the same page, the carpet matches the drapes and the frequency you are broadcasting is so clear your desires are magnetized to you effortlessly.

Nowhere is this more important than when you’re looking for deep, true, electrifying, lasting love.



Electrifying Love is my ultra exclusive 5 month long adventure into the beating heart of L’Amour. Yes, we’re talking soul level love ladies. Thru a delicious mix of high level energetic work, electrifying rituals and top secret dating skills, we’re going to clear the energetic decks of whatever is standing in your way, get super specific on what a gold standard relationship means to you and then, I’m going to give you every must have tool in my arsenal to bring him on home.

Become skilled in the arts of:

  • Designing Your Dream Relationship
  • Eliminating All Blocks and Obstacles to Passionate Love
  • High Vibe Mastery and Manifestation
  • Flirting and Seduction Secrets
  • Advanced Courting Skills
  • Soul Love Strategy

What else?

  • 20 weekly private guidance sessions with moi
  • A new swagger in your step
  • Abundance on all levels (I’m not kidding)
  • A level of self mastery you’ve only dreamed of
  • That gorgeous glow only self love can give
  • An aura of irresistibility that will have them howling at the moon

… and the big one:

Setting the stage for the Electrifying Forever Love that you want and deserve.

Electrifying Love is my top shelf offering and requires a top shelf level of commitment. We will be working together very closely for 5 exciting life changing months. For this reason I can only offer this program twice a year to 6 very lucky ladies.

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