When you are healing emotional wounds from your past so that you can attract healthy love, it can get lonely.

You feel a bit fragile and you’re hyper aware of the ever-present temptation to fall back into old, unhealthy relationship patterns. 

This is the time to reach out to people who understand what you’re going through and can support you. 

Don’t wait to get support until you feel better. Feel better by getting some support!

If you’ve been hearing a lot about self-love, but you don’t know what that means specifically this new video series is for you. 

It’s also for you if you’re wondering what the connection is between self love and attracting a relationship.

One of my favorite metaphysical teachers, Louise Hay, was the queen of self love and wrote tons of books about it, including You Can Heal Your Life and Mirror Work.

She shared 12 VERY SPECIFIC and easy-to-implement self-love practices and in this series we look at how you can use these practices, not only to love yourself more deeply, but also to attract your healthiest, happiest relationship.

Together, we’re going to discover which kind of support you need so that you can heal and move into a beautiful relationship. 

Sound good?

Then watch the video so that you can get your emotional support/cheering section on board, heal old relationship patterns and
attract your happiest, healthiest relationship ever. You deserve it. 🙂