Soul Love Society is my ultra exclusive, très inclusive online salon where members can take their love mastery to the next level.

For hundreds of years salons have been an elevated gathering for ladies to share, inspire, and blaze new trails. And that’s what our space is all about.

With a focus on L’amour, our gorgeous online community boasts a delicious and heady array of courses, challenges, meditations and live discussion on everything you need to lay the foundation and call in The One.

We’ll explore your our wants and desires, say buh bye to blocks and share our adventures in love in real time. With a plethora of resources to explore in my Love Accoutrements you’ll have everything you need to design a personalized game plan for sensual, sexy and smart dating. Not to mention a beauty and fashion section that will have all your friends wondering Ooh la la! where’d she get that swagger?

Attraction is what we’re all about. And joining our community is the next step in taking your love magnetizing skills from novice to pro, so I’ve created one of the most monumental manifestation programs around. In fact over the years our members’ results are so astounding they’ve come to affectionately call themselves Love Magnets. Yes, it’s that good.

I wish I could bottle up this feeling I have around everything I’ve learned and what’s shifted in me. I can actually feel it! And witnessing it amongst all you beautiful ladies is just wonderful. Thank you Carisa!! Xo”

– Karen

The work we’ve been doing has shown results in my dating life already. I have so enjoyed feeling sexy again! Thank you Carisa for allowing me to be part of this group.”

– Dondene

But it’s not all about us. Learning to listen is an important relationship skill. So, in my Man Muse Domain, I feature loads of eye opening interviews with marriage minded men that will tune you into their unique energy, needs, and desires. What do they want? What makes them tick? And how does our behavior block or open them up to love? It takes two to tango, and really listening to our men is a muscle we love to build.

My favorite and the most beautiful part of becoming a member of #SLS is you’ll be connected to a group of fabulous like minded ladies who are serious about breaking the cycle of relationships that are going nowhere and are ready to find their true soul love.

He’s out there.

The one that adores you, respects you, can’t get enough of you…

and he’s ready when you are.

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