One-on-One intensives that will dial up your irresistibility factor, make you Mistress of your own universe and help you crack the code for calling in The One…

Worthiness is something that I have always struggled with. The block clearing was an amazing experience! It feels like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Carisa!”

– Shelli

In the dating world, sometimes the very thing that closes the deal is the very thing that gets in your way. What am I talking about? You guessed it ENERGY—i.e., the mastery and clarity with which you project your own personal mojo.

What’s energy got to do with it?

Well, just about everything.

It’s been scientifically proven like attracts like. So if you’re vibrating at X and he’s vibrating at Y, you may have thought you had a great first date but then like that—poof, he’s gone. Why? It just didn’t hit the bullseye. Your energy didn’t speak the same language as his. It’s called chemistry and being in charge of your own personal energy has everything to do with it.

Your energy is the frequency you beam out into the world at any given moment. And when you’re vibrating at your highest, most gorgeous, magnetic and unstoppable frequency love and everything else you desire seems to flow effortlessly to you.

My one-on-one, scientifically-supported High Vibe energy work is anything but woo woo. Never “one-size-fits-all”, my custom 60 minute love + energy healing sessions are designed to remove all blocks to love, teach you how to get out of our own way and give you the tools to turn up your own personal frequency to attract all you desire. Most importantly, my clients will tell you it works. And it works fast. And when it comes to the game of love that’s a little something every girl needs in her back pocket. N’est pas?

Of course anytime I talk to Carisa I feel like I’ve just had my fairy Godmother wave a wand over my head because I always get a text, call, invite from a man within the hour!

– Amanda

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