So what’s a Love List?

A Love List is a powerful manifesting tool that you use to get to an above average level of clarity about what you want in a partner. Essentially, you make a list of all of the qualities you want this person to have and what you want your life together to be like. Energetically, it’s like placing an order to the Universe.

An order for Love.

I’ve taught my clients how to use Love Lists and seen firsthand the powerful results they create when they use a Love List – I’ll tell you about some of them in the video.

The thing is, there is a right way and a wrong way to do the Love List.

Here are the 3 things you need to know about using a Love List to manifest/attract a partner.

#1: Clear out your Love blocks first.

When you do any type of ritual to manifest love, whether it’s a Soul Call or using a Love List, you are basically putting in an order to the Universe. But you are calling in a person who is energetically a match to where you are right now.

That means if you have a lot of bitterness about love, a lot of fear of not finding true love, unresolved grief and other issues, you are calling in someone who is vibrationally a match to that.

There are 5 Breakup Wounds that get left in your energy after a breakup. Heal them before you create a Love List!

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#2: Be WAY more specific than you think you need to be.

One of my clients did the Love List exercise as part of it. She put in her Love List that she wanted a man who “enjoyed talking” and “spoke other languages” – and he came into her life in a few weeks (told you it’s powerful!). He enjoyed talking, spoke other languages and fit the other things she put on her list.

However, after a few dates she could see there was a big problem – he never shut up! And he used the other languages in a way that was annoying other people. My client went back to the drawing board with the Love List. She realized what she really wanted was a man with “great conversation skills”.

As soon as she made that change in her Love List, the man she was dating lost interest in her and stopped calling her. A new man that matched her newly revised list showed up in less than a week.

#3: Don’t be afraid to revise your list.

I’ve noticed that the Universe uses the Love List as a teaching tool. When you use it and you get what you want, you are being taught to CLEARLY ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. This can be difficult for many of us who were taught that there are limits to what we deserve and what we can have.

The Love List is such a powerful teaching tool, because when you get what you asked for you have to decide if it’s what you really want. If not, you will have to find the courage to go back and ask for what you really want.

Sometimes women are afraid to revise their lists once the first guy comes in, because they have been without romantic love for so long that they are afraid to make this new guy go away, even if he isn’t really what they wanted.

They just got their mojo working again – they don’t want to risk shutting down the flow of Love in their lives now! This is a block that has to do with scarcity thinking. If that’s you, get healing for that block and revise your list.

Sometimes women are afraid to revise their lists because they are worried that the relationship will have to end painfully in order for the new person to show up. As with my client above, this doesn’t have to be the case!

When a person is wrong for you and you revise your list, they can fade gradually from your life with grace and ease. Believing it has to be painful is another block that can be healed and released so that you can revise your list and receive the Love that is a better fit for you.

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