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Sleep Deeper & Wake Up Happier | 6 Tips to Sleep Better


As we know, self love is our ticket to blissed out romantic love, because it makes us an energetic match to that tantalizing, decadent, deeply satisfying, heavenly experience of soulful, romantic love. So, today, let’s take a look at how to practice self-love by getting good sleep. Sleep matters, because research shows that getting 7-9 [...]

Self Love Tips to Attract Love: #6 – Praise Yourself (How to Love Yourself More)


Have you ever seen a child learning how to ride a bike?A supportive parent stands by, enthusiastically shouting encouragement and praising the child for each successful pass as the child teeters around, crashing into the bushes, skinning her knees and then getting up again...and one miraculous day that little girl becomes a full-fledged bike rider.Well, [...]