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I Broke Up With My Boyfriend & I Regret It


You broke up with him.  And even though it felt like you had good reasons at the time, in the cold light of day you are beginning to feel some regrets...here’s what’s really going on and what to do about it. And if you want deep healing for your heart so that you can attract [...]

Will I Ever Find Love Again?


If you've had a long-term relationship before and it ended it heartbreak, you might be wondering if you'll ever be able to find that kind of connection and commitment again. In this video, I'm chatting with Michaela Bosquet Lambert about how to heal our hearts after a relationship ends...so that you can attract your SECOND [...]

Heal These 5 Breakup Wounds to Attract New Love


I’m going to share a secret with you that most people don’t know about love.  Most things in life, you can achieve through hustle. The job you want, the physical fitness you want, the money situation you want (to some extent). NOT LOVE. Love is different, because attracting love is about making your energy a [...]

How to Stop Self Sabotaging Behavior in Love


Why do we sabotage our relationships when things are going well? In this video, we're talking about why we sabotage our relationships subconsciously and how we can stop self-sabotage in it's tracks before it derails our love lives. Healing old heartache helps us overcome self-sabotage. If you'd like help healing your heart so that you [...]

Why Do I Attract Emotionally Unavailable Partners?


Do you have a pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable partners over and over again? When you love someone (or you're beginning to fall in love with someone) who isn't emotionally open with you, you might feel: Frustrated Rejected Confused Attracting emotionally unavailable partners, looks like a pattern of: Attracting married men Attracting narcissists (super common [...]