You know what I really hate?

I hate it when those so-called “dating gurus” profess to give you the hard truth about dating that no one wants to tell you.

Then they proceed to kill your confidence by telling you a bunch of lies about the hoops you need to jump through to attract love in your 40s.

They tell you that you need to lose weight.

They tell you that you better look like Halle Berry.

They say that if you have kids, you should lower your expectations and settle for someone who isn’t what you want…just be grateful that he chose you.

Yes, there really are doomsday dating gurus out there who profess to tell you “the hard truth” about dating, when actually they are intentionally triggering your insecurities.

Today, we’re going to counter these soul-crushing lies and speak power and life over your Divine desire to meet and marry your soulmate in your 40s.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to discover the 3 areas of growth you need to focus on to attract and marry your Soulmate in your 40’s (or beyond).