Have you ever seen a child learning how to ride a bike?

A supportive parent stands by, enthusiastically shouting encouragement and praising the child for each successful pass as the child teeters around, crashing into the bushes, skinning her knees and then getting up again…and one miraculous day that little girl becomes a full-fledged bike rider.

Well, learning how to love yourself is like that too, except that YOU are the supportive parent AND the teetering bike rider!

And it’s such an important thing to do, because loving ourselves deeply isn’t just a frivolous exercise in woo woo feel-goodery. 

It’s the sacred action that flips the switch inside of us that tells the Universe to unload all of it’s blessings on us!

If you’ve been hearing a lot about self-love, but you don’t know what that means specifically this new video series is for you. 

It’s also for you if you’re wondering what the connection is between self love and attracting a relationship.

One of my favorite metaphysical teachers, Louise Hay, was the queen of self love and wrote tons of books about it, including You Can Heal Your Life and Mirror Work.

She shared 12 VERY SPECIFIC and easy-to-implement self-love practices and in this series we look at how you can use these practices, not only to love yourself more deeply, but also to attract your healthiest, happiest relationship.

Together, we’re going to get you SO LOVED UP that you will become magnetic to all the good stuff life has to offer you, including your soulmate relationship. 

Sound good?

Then watch the video so that you can
feel all the warm fuzzies healthy praise brings you, as you activate your aura to attract your happiest, healthiest relationship ever. You deserve it. 🙂