As we know, self love is our ticket to blissed out romantic love, because it makes us an energetic match to that tantalizing, decadent, deeply satisfying, heavenly experience of soulful, romantic love.

So, today, let’s take a look at how to practice self-love by getting good sleep.

Sleep matters, because research shows that getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night can reduce our risk of depression, reduce stress, reduce inflammation in the body, boost our immune systems…it may even help reduce our risk of cancer and help us maintain a healthy weight.

So, getting a good night’s sleep is definitely one of our pleasurable practices for self-care.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for getting the rest that you need to feel nourished and rejuvenated: 


  • Watch the news before bed. What we watch before bed we tend to take into sleep with us, so give the news a break before bed. 
  • Work in bed. Beds are for sleeping and sex. Don’t train yourself to associate bed with work or you won’t be able to stop thinking about work while you’re in bed. 
  • Stay in bed if you can’t get to sleep. Get up, do something else and come back.


  • Make your bedroom comfy. Cooler temps are usually best for sleeping. Make it nice and dark – get blackout curtains if you need to. Make sure you have comfy sheets, warm enough/cool enough blankets and pillows with the right support. 
  • Wear silky/comfy pjs or sleep naked. Of course, if you’re in earthquake country like we are here in SoCal, you’ll probably want to keep at least a robe handy.
  • Listen to self-hypnosis or sleep audios that nourish your mind and spirit while your body is repairing itself. 

When you’re falling asleep, the gateway between your conscious mind and subconscious mind is open. It’s the best time to change old programs – especially old programs about love – without triggering resistance. 

You can heal things on a much deeper level during sleep than you would be able to otherwise. 

For a tool that lets you heal and release old patterns really easily and effectively, checkout the Overnight Heartache Cure audio healing program. It combines healing statements with binaural beats to help you heal from past heartache and become magnetic to new love.